Monday, November 9, 2015

The difference in quality between the refill ink is expensive to cheap for an ink jet printer

Ink refills for ink jet printers have many brands and prices. From the cheap price, up to the most expensive. If the note in passing, these products do not have different ink. They differed only in container sales. Some use injections, using glass or plastic bottles. But on the face of the content is not significant difference.

In the market, the price of refill ink for ink jet printers a variation. Starting from $ 2 to hundreds of dollars. The amount of ink on every product sold is also very varied, according to user requirements. Inks are very easy on the can in stores office supplies and computer stores. On average, each brand claimed good results, and do not damage the printer. Some are expensive, some are cheap, there is the price is very cheap.

Each print head in several types and brands of printers have the durability of different. In general, the ability of the print head is measured based on the number of prints paper. Generally, each print head with ink refill using standard, able to survive for printing on paper of 8000 to 12000 sheets. Even then, depending on how large the density of posts on every sheet of paper printed.

The more expensive a refill ink of the same size, then the better the quality that is offered to the buyer (If the ink manufacturer said interpreter with the quality provided). Usually ink refill with expensive price guarantee print quality very good. Also provide a guarantee of durability of the ink on a paper in print. The better the quality of the ink, the resistance to weather and light the better, and can last up to several generations.

Not only is the quality provided, the durability of a print head is also determined by the quality refill ink. Since most manufacturers have a dose ink thickness and viscosity of different inks, and if something goes wrong dose, it can be more easily damage the printer (cartridge / print head). Each printer brands such as Canon, Epson, HP and Brother, have high levels of thickness and different ink density. So, never mix ink devoted to one brand to another brand of printer, or use ink for Epson printers to other brands. So, already available special inks for each printer brands on the market.

Now live determines your goals scored. For ordinary purposes, such as printing a document, plan, or for the purpose of printing photos. With the aim of printing in very large quantity, or print just any time. It is relative to the selection of ink you are using. Common ink is good enough for all the needs above. But with premium ink, of course there are differences in quality and results, in color caused mold and durability of the ink.

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