Monday, November 9, 2015

Bad way to fill refill ink in the printer cartridge

Using refill ink in printer cartridges is one way to save on costs and expenses. However, this is not the best way so that the printer remains durable and working optimally. However refill a printer cartridge with ink from a third party done by the student to an office employee.

The most fatal thing done by lay people in charge refill ink in a printer cartridge is to dismantle all parts of the cartridge. So may cause damage to the cartridge and the printer. Open the top cover on a cartridge is the worst way to refill the ink.

Open the top cover of the printer cartridges, refill ink for, may result in the ink be spilled. Not only spilled, can make dirty yourself and your entire environment. In addition, the condition of the cartridge open and visible part of the retaining absorbent sponge ink cartridges may disrupt the current position in the tide back in the printer.

To refill the ink in the printer cartridge, preferably by making a hole in the top of the cartridge. Large of holes adapted to large the needle, to enter the ink using an injection. This method is the most effective, safe, good, and easier to do. Not to damage the physical cartridge, and the work becomes more clear.

When the cartridge is installed in the printer, may not be able to enter the house of the cartridge. In addition, when the printer is working, the ink on the cartridge will stain the paper during the printing process. Body printer will also dirty. Place a container of waste ink in the printer will also fill up quickly, because the ink will come out by itself, because the content is not in accordance with the proportion.

It is not recommended to fill the cartridge with the ink refill, by opening the lid of the printer the ink absorbent sponge, type and any brand. Because it can damage the printer and print the results worsen. Printer becomes soiled by ink spills out of the top of the slit. When mounting the cartridge into the printer, it will break Castile, because it adds to the gap space Castile.

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