Saturday, December 20, 2014

Laptop/Notebook is getting heat from the undue!

Laptop/Notebook is getting heat from the undue!
Laptop / notebook is good if performed in accordance with its specifications. Sometimes the performance of the notebook / laptop decreases along with life. The older a notebook / laptop, then the performance will decrease. It relates to the durability and capability of electronic components in a laptop.

The performance of the laptop / notebook is also influenced by the heat generated on the processor. The more heat the processor, then the reduced performance of a laptop / notebook. Laptops will be slow in processing a task.

With or without realizing it, the user will feel the change in temperature when using a notebook / laptop. Usually the temperature gets hot after use within 15 minutes, after which the temperature of the notebook / laptop will last and stagnant until use. Laptop cooling fan will spin if the processor is very hot, and stop turning when the temperature has dropped. Processor temperature can be felt by touching the bottom of the notebook / laptop.

Laptop/Notebook is getting heat from the undue!
If the processor temperature is very hot, even more heat than usual, and can be felt in all parts of the notebook / laptop, there are many chances of that happening. Here are the chances of that happening if the temperature of the laptop / notebook gets hotter than it should.

1. The processor cooling fan is not functioning properly / fan dead.
2. The cooling fans weaker processor.
3. Circulation of air in the cooling chamber processor is not going well.
4. Many tasks are performed by the processor / too many applications are running.
5. Upgrading the components notebooks / laptops that do not fit properly, exceeds the set limit.
6. Dust that accumulates on the heat sink.
7. The memory that has been damaged, do not work well.

To know the exact cause of the notebook / laptop is getting hotter than it should be, must be tested one by one, starting with close all running applications, then feel the temperature change on the laptop / notebook. If the temperature has not dropped, it can be done by feel and hear the sound of the processor cooling fan. If you hear a voice, there is still functioning. If the sound is weaker than usual, the possibility Permit has been weakened. All of the checks carried out starting from the outside to unload the entire body of the notebook / laptop to see the condition of the cooling system on the processor and VGA.

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