Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to replace the hard drive on a laptop/notebook?

Hard drive is functioning computer hardware for data storage media. Hard drive is also a place to put the computer's operating system. Harddisk is very vital function in the use of computers. Without the hard drive, the computer can not be used.

Capacity hard disk capacity to store the data on constantly increasing. Currently, most of the operating system and the data have been using graphical display with high resolution. Video, music, and images into data and entertainment wajid owned and stored on a computer. Data in the form of a document also contains sound files and images with high image. Therefore, the capacity to greatly affect the carrying capacity of the hard drive and use a computer, laptop/notebook.

Often, users of notebook/laptop running out of free space on harddsik on their laptops. Music files, videos, and images stored on a computer that is very valuable, may not be removed by its owner. So that the free space on the hard drive on the wane. If you need to replace the laptop, then the data backup process into something that they Rebet. One way to do is to replace the hard drive on a laptop/notebook. Replaced with a hard drive with a larger capacity.

Replacing the hard drive on a laptop/notebook is easy, can be done by anyone by the owner of the laptop. Typically, on a laptop will put the hard drive in an easily accessible position. With the aim to simplify the process of upgrading.

How to replace the hard drive on a laptop/notebook :
1. Turn the laptop, note the entire bottom of the laptop/notebook. Note bolts and symbols on the body.
2. Find that shows the symbol of the hard drive screws.
3. Open the screw with a screwdriver.

4. Open the cover of the hard drive.

5. Pull the hard disk by hand.

6. Open the hard disk casing.

7. Replace the old hard drive with a new one.
8. Replace your hard drive in place.
9. Done.

Your old hard drive stored data is important that you do not delete. To gain access to all the data on your old hard drive, you can buy a put on your hard drive casing, so that the disk can be used as long as the thumb exsternal drive disk.

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