Monday, June 17, 2013

Replacing the keyboard on the Toshiba Satellite L310 laptop

Replacing the keyboard on the Toshiba Satellite L310 laptopToshiba is a leading brand of Japanese. Also for his lapot products. Have a pretty good quality. Many people like laptops made by Toshiba. Products with a fairly good resilience, competitive price, And guarantee a satisfactory service. Every product of Toshiba laptops are very popular with many people, especially in Asia.

Toshiba laptops are known for excellent durability, will be tarnished if someone uses the laptop is not in accordance with the designation and specifications. Many people are forced to use a laptop with lower specs, used to do heavy work, such as playing games. Things like that will make a speedy laptop is damaged.

If Laptop Toshiba with lower specifications used to play games, there will be serious problem. The problem that often occurs with Toshiba laptop is Satellite, particularly L310 series is damage to the keyboard. Especially damage to the button, which when used for typing, some letters will not be able to function. If such a problem occurs, then the keyboard should be replaced.

Replacing the Toshiba Satellite L310 laptop keyboard is to:
- Turn off the laptop, make sure the adapter cable is not connected to the electricity grid.
- Make sure the laptop is not being charged.
- Remove the laptop battery.
- Observe the existing bolt near the battery connector, there are two bolts on the left and right of the battery connector.
- Open the bolt with the appropriate screwdriver.
- On the keyboard, remove the keyboard retaining bulkhead at the top of the key by prying with a small screwdriver.
- After anchoring removable bulkhead, open the retaining screws under the keyboard retaining bulkhead that has been opened. There are two bolts that must be removed.
- Once the bolt is removed, lift the keyboard slowly.
- On the keyboard connector to the motherboard, the latches on the connector, then remove keyboard.
- Prepare a new keyboard that is used as a substitute.
- Insert the plug into the motherboard.
- Put the keyboard in accordance with the place.
- Install the retaining bolts keyboard.
- Replace the keyboard retaining bulkhead.
- Insert the locking bolt on the battery.
- Put the battery in place.
- Turn on the laptop.

Once the new keyboard installed and tested the laptop, if the computer works fine, means replacement keyboard successfully. If not, take your laptop to a service center and a nearby computer repair.

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