Monday, June 17, 2013

How to refill printer ink?

Printer is the most basic needs of a computer device. Without a printer, we will not be able to produce a file like that has been done on the computer. Then the printer is a requirement that must be met by workers, especially in the field of administration and paperwork.

Computer printer is a device most frequently encountered problems. One of the problems with the printer is that the ink has run out, so it is not able to print the document in accordance with what we want. Moreover, if the printer is used continuously without stopping, then certainly the ink will run out quickly. So need to buy new ink.

Problems will arise if the printer uses a non-stop, while requiring austerity budget in a job. Printer ink would be very expensive if you have to buy very often. Therefore, many manufacturers make a breakthrough by releasing ink refill ink products for the printer.

Refill ink for printer, can be a solution for users who need to work and the printer prints the file very much. But sometimes problems will arise if we do not know how to refill the ink in the printer. Ways to refill ink on prnter can be done by:

1. Go to the top of the printer (printer's top cover).
2. Lift and remove the cartridge that you want to fill with ink refills (there are two cartridges, color & black).
3. Punch a hole through the top of the cartridge.
4. Fill perforated cartridge with ink, use a syringe to fill it.
5. When finished plug the cartridge into place.
6. Close the top of the printer.
7. Reset the printer.
8. Completed.

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