Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tips on buying the right laptop

Tips on buying the right laptop
Tips on choosing a laptop is very important you know. To avoid wrong in buying a laptop. Buying a laptop according to exact requirements. If false, then the laptop you buy will not make you feel happy when using it. Buying a laptop, would not only look from the brand alone. Some people said the laptop brands have a good quality of the laptop is not well-known brand. Actually, the brand does not guarantee the quality of the laptop would be very nice. Depending on its use. If the laptop's specifications intended to type, but forced to playing a game, the laptop must be broken. There is a low end laptop class, middle class, and high end. Of course for high end laptops in the classroom will have a high spec and very expensive.

In buying a laptop, we must adapt to the needs and the amount of money they had. Would not be a problem for people who have a lot of money. Laptops can certainly buy whatever expensive. But it would be better if we buy a laptop as needed. If you need a laptop just to type, would not need a notebook with a high specification. In contrast, if you need a laptop to play games, or create a graphic design, specification of medium to high specification is required.

So, buy the best laptop is customized to the needs, and of course must have good quality, not just buy a laptop at a cheap price. Most importantly, the brand of laptop are we going, have a very good reputation in the market.

1. When buying a laptop for gaming or graphic design, choose a laptop with a high specification, and has a strong resistance guarantee. Choose a laptop with a suitable graphics card for image processing berkuakitas high, with large memory. Since both activities are classified as severe, if using a computer with lower specifications, it is feared the performance will be slow or may even damage the computer. Keep the minimum specs are 1 GB RAM, type DDR3, VGA 512 MB, 3.0 GHz dual core processor, minimum 500 GB HDD. If using the specifications of the suggestions below, your computer must be worked very slowly, if used for heavy game and graphic design.

But, if you want to use the laptop for 3D modeling. These specifications will not be enough. Required computer specifications even higher, with the latest technology.

2. If the intended use of the notebook for mobile (carried everywhere), then choose a smaller size, say 10 or 12 inch, lightweight, long battery life, availability of connectivity features wifi, bluetooth, network card, etc..

3. When the notebook needs to be used at home, then back to the purpose, whether for regular computing activities, and connected to the internet, or to play games and graphic design. If just typing and open a web browser, with low specification computers was enough.

4. Adjust the financial condition. How do you prepare a budget to buy a laptop? Try you get the best laptop price range within your budget.

5. Consider the after-sales service. Whether its service outlets within easy reach, spare parts easily obtained, or difficult to obtain. And also consider the return on sales price, just in case if in the future want to buy a laptop with a higher spec. Try not buying laptops that are difficult to reach its service outlets, or hard to find spare parts. And also avoid buying a laptop that the selling price falls, or even did not sell if you want to resell, except when to wear forever and not for resale.

6. Check the warranty, because every laptop manufacturer may provide a different warranty period. For example, the warranty for ASUS brand laptops is two years, while the Toshiba brand is just one year. The full information can you ask your computer store that you flown.

7. If you are considering the issue of brand, specifications, and after-sales service, the next step is a survey of prices. Because from one store to another, could have been the difference in price. Try and have a look around and ask prices from one store to another.

Tips on choosing a laptop so that I can point out to you.

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