Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Samsung Ultrathin 5 series 535U3C equipped with an AMD Trinity A6

Competition is more incentive to make the thinnest notebook. Many notebook manufacturers compete with each other, gidandeng by the processor manufacturer. Samsung is currently coupled with AMD's turn to make the thinnest notebook. Samsung Ultrathin 5 series, 535U3C, is the latest notebook from Samsung products. Samsung Ultrathin notebook using AMD A-Series APU second generation, or more commonly known by the name of the Trinity. Consumers are expected to be able to get a new notebook with an alternative different processors from Intel.

Notebook Samsung 535U3C, using an A6-4455M APU AMD Trinity has integrated graphics card AMD Radeon HD7500G. Samsung 535U3C available with screens measuring 13.3 inches and 14 inches, and data storage capacity of 500GB. For Samsung 535U3C with 14-inch screen, still get the optical drive. As for the 13.3-inch screen, is equipped with SSD storage.

Ultrathin Notebook, Samsung 535U3C, with a 13.3-inch screen, a thin dimension, and weighs 1.5kg. Capacity of four-cell battery, claimed to be able to survive for 6 hours, and have the charging cycle of up to 3 years. The screen is in use is quite interesting, considering that Samsung uses anti reflective screen, with 300nit superbright display, so it can be used outdoors without damaging the display image on the screen.

Samsung Ultrathin 5 series 535U3C, has three colors, Mocha brown, pink pop, and titan silver. For now just use a processor 4455M APU AMD A6 series, but soon Samsung will soon sell a used AMD A8. Samsung sells this notebook Ultrathin 5 series 535U3C starting price of U.S. $ 700, -.

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