Saturday, July 7, 2012

RAM capacity is right for your computer

RAM capacity is right for your computer
Depending on what you do with your computer. To run an operating system like Windows XP, you need 128 MB of RAM, then if you start an application for browsing, for example with IE, you need extra RAM, then to open your e-mail with the Express, will grow again, and the last Office applications to run 128 MB will increase again, not to mention the data is opened. That was just the application alone. So for those needs, you must provide a minimum of 256 MB memory.

Whereas if you're running a very heavy multimedia applications, this number will increase many times over. Therefore, caution in buying memory you need it later on your computer.

Not that you can add a maximum RAM capacity, adjust well to the conditions of the motherboard you have. Typically, a motherboard has a maximum capacity of the additional RAM.

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