Sunday, July 1, 2012

If the USB flash disk falls into the water

Sometimes, when an unlikely, the flash that we carry wet, submerged into the water, so that it becomes wet. Kepanikanpun inevitable, not because we fear losing the flash because of the wet, but, the loss of important data in flash.

Do not panic, there is early treatment to overcome these problems. That all data can be saved in flash.

Measures that can be done when the flash is wet:
- Immediately take flash disc of water / place that make it wet.
- Toss, turn, turn, shake, blow the tops of their voices, so that all the water in a flash out of the crevices.
- Drying / put the flash in a warm place. If there is, use a hair dryer.
- If the plastic wrapper flash can be opened, open, rub-rub flash circuits and components dry with paper towels. Do not use hair dryer, as this may damage the flash chip.
- After making sure the flash is dry, try.
- If successful, immediately take the data in the flash, move to a safe storage place.

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