Friday, July 6, 2012

Function of RAM (Random Access Memory)

Function of RAM (Random Access Memory)
A computer needs a RAM for storing data, and instructions needed to complete a command (task). Data or instructions are available in RAM, allowing the processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) to access it quickly. CPU when opening an application program from the hard drive, such as word processing, spreadsheet, or games, he will deliver to your memory. This allows applications to work more quickly, than to go directly to the hard drive is much slower. Because it served as a storage hard drive data, not as a memory. By accessing data or applications available on the RAM, speed up PC in completing its work.

Simple analogy to understand this, it's easier if you take on real events, in daily life. For example in the work environment. Where there is a desk and a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets can be assumed as a hard drive, available files and information needed. We began to work, the files information will be excluded from the closet to the desk. This is to facilitate and accelerate access to required information. Thus, the desk can be analogous to memory on the PC.

With a simple analogy is, of course you can already imagine the difference in speed of access, between memory and hard drive. Also is looming, the importance of the availability of the amount of RAM, which is sufficient to serve the data and information required by the CPU.

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