Friday, July 6, 2012

Fixing Damaged RAM

Fixing Damaged RAM
Beep sound, the sound on the computer, when the RAM problem, usually a long beep three times, but depending on your PC. These things can be done to heal the RAM is not detected by the CPU, is to clean the RAM that can not be used by using a pencil eraser.
Use a pencil eraser, to clean up dust, which is attached to the foot of RAM (gold finger), so that electric current can run well. If you do not have a pencil eraser you can use a cloth, by rubbing the feet of RAM to clean, if necessary, use special cleaning oil, which can be purchased at computer stores, or by using thiner.

If the RAM is clean, installed RAM returned to memory slot, the motherboard. Try pressing the power button. If not well managed, have multitester. The aim is to stimulate the RAM, so get up again, by way of an electric discharge.
1. Ohm point scale, to 1K, 10K, 100K, etc., up to you.
2. Place the tip of the black cable (-) to one foot of RAM (gold finger), and the red wire (+) or rubbed on the legs IC chipset contained in RAM, usually numbered eight.
3. try to reconnect to the PC RAM.
If the computer still does not turn on, meaning the RAM should be replaced with new ones.

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