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Differences ATA cable and SATA cable

Differences ATA cable and SATA cable
ATA connector types, based on the standards in 1986, using 16-bit parallel, and continues to grow with the addition of transfer speed, and size of a disc. Last standard is ATA-7, was first introduced in 2001. Type ATA-7 has a data transfer 133 MB / sec. Later, during the year 2000, set the standard for parallel ATA, which has a data rate of 133 MB / sec, but there are many problems of parallel ATA. Then, the industry attempted to solve the problem that caused by the parallel ATA, and made ​​a new standard called Serial ATA (SATA).

1. ATA
ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment), using 16-bit parallel, is used to control computer equipment, and has been in use for 18 years as a standard. The difference between SATA and ATA is the most simple, data and power cables are different.

ATA standard, a two-inch ribbon cable with 40 pin data connections, and requires a 5V, for every pin, 4-pin connection. While SATA has a half-inch wide, 7 connector data connection, so it is thinner, and easier to manage kebel data. SATA data cable has a maximum length of 1 meter (39.37 inches), longer than the ATA, which is only 18 inches.

15-pin SATA power cable, with 250 mV, requiring more power, compared to 4 pin ATA, but in fact the same. SATA is the best ability is, the achievement of maximum bandwidth, which amounted to 150 MB / sec.

Other advantage of SATA is made ​​by the SATA hot-swap capability so that it can turn off and turn without shut down the computer system.

Conclusion, has the advantage of SATA over ATA than in the connector, power, and most importantly performance. ATA standard has now started on the left, choose the manufacturer of the SATA standard.

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