Sunday, July 8, 2012

Characteristic of RAM is damaged

Many things can lead to faulty RAM. Such as, PC frequent shocks, so the RAM is not properly connected to the motherboard. Shorted electrical current can also be damaged of RAM. Damage to other components on the motherboard, causing the affected RAM.

The characteristics of the RAM is damaged:
A. Sound when rebooting.
2. Sounds when replacing the slot.
3. On the fan saying "crick crick crick".
4. Computer often restarts itself.
5. If you turn on the computer, HDD LED remains on, but can not boot, then there is no sound other than the fan.
6. RAM is damaged, will be detected by the CPU with a resounding "beeeeeppp ... ', ERROR CODE.
7. RAM Damage to approximately 30%, will qualify tested hardware at boot time, but will error when used to perform installation or frequent blue screen.

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