Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black Element Cyclone has a unique fan

Technological development is increasingly rapid. But there are several complementary technologies, which is very difficult to be developed, because of constrained functions may not be changed anymore. Producers are looking for unique inofasi memikap consumers. As in the mouse. Some time ago, a manufacturer of mouse, Thermaltake, launching a mouse that comes with the cooling fan's hand. This fan face in place the mouse out of your fingers. Mouse was named Black Element Cyclone.

Black Element Cyclone is a mouse that is equipped with an external fan. Mouse is intended for computer game enthusiasts. Perhaps the purpose of mounting the fan to keep the temperature of the fingers, making the mouse the user feel comfortable all the time. With the unique design, this mouse is expected to attract interest in the game lovers. In addition, the presence of an external fan will increasingly make good gamers.

Playing computer games for too long, make sure hands are tired and hot. Especially if you play games all day. possible with these considerations, Thermaltake made Black Element Cyclone mouse equipped with a fan guard finger temperature.

This mouse is very unique look, there are a variety of color options, and may feel strange view, because it has a fan in front of him. Mouse is equipped with a 6500 dpi sensor. Mouse that is claimed to be the first mouse with an additional fan has a choice of five colors. Of red, blue, cyan, green and purple.

But in terms of convenience whether being reliable? And flexibility of use of the mouse can be guaranteed? Not necessarily, because computer users are familiar with a simple mouse, which has many in the market.

According to the maker mouse, the mouse has a fan size of 30 mm. This fan was not noisy, so it will not interfere with the activity of the game. With speeds of 6,000 rpm, this fan can relieve hot at hand.

But the user's mouse is still in luck, because the fan is mounted on the mouse can be removed. If users get annoyed with the fans, only with manarik fan toward the front, then the mouse is released.

It is not known how much the mouse is, as the manufacturer still has not raised the price of this unique mouse. We wait for further news.

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