Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Assessing the laptop based on the brand

Various brands of laptops on the market. Brands, new brands popping up. Each competing brands provide their own advantage. We as users become confused consumers choose from many brands available. According to one brand A is better than brand B. But it's not a guarantee. Because each manufacturer to favor Sanya on one side only. There is a favor low prices, others favor an attractive and elegant design, quality, display, features, and durability. There is also offering it.

Basically, all the same laptop. That's because the specifications of the laptop, use the same processor, Intel or AMD, memory, hard drive / SSD, has a keyboard, and operating systems. What distinguishes only the features, specifications, purpose of use. Nevertheless, we still have to selectively choose a laptop with a good brand.

I will convey the advantages of famous brand laptops, based on my own judgment.

Sony Vaio
Most of the Sony Vaio laptop has the Operating System directly on the laptop package. That is, the average of the laptop is now a Genuine Windows. In addition, the laptop features a gorgeous design, high performance, and complete specifications. Just like Apple, Sony Vaio quite expensive. And has good durability.

Apple Macintosh
This laptop uses the Macintosh operating system. The advantages of this laptop is a high specification and elegant models. But this laptop is very difficult to be found in small towns. In addition, the price offered is also quite high. Operating systems that use this laptop has a way of working is complicated for novice users.

Toshiba is a good laptop that is economical. For those of you who want to have a good laptop that is economical, Toshiba can not answer. Why Toshiba seem cheap? Most of the Toshiba is not accompanied by the Operating System. So you have to buy the operating system separately. Is the average laptop has a classic design, the box-shaped.

Hewlett-Packard, Compaq
The advantages of HP Laptop (usually the kind of pavilion), is a model and an elegant design. In addition, the sensor light multimedia use. The key is the volume, adjust the screen brightness, and others. Most laptops are made of metal. Average performance is not too special. But, still in a state standard. HP Pavilion is a laptop with cool design. Performance offered by the average is very special. The classical model is not suitable for the style.

This laptop is the most durable among all. This laptop could last up to 6 years (the life of a well groomed). In addition, the performance is also very special. The price is quite affordable. But rarely use the VGA card. The gamers do not choose this laptop. However, if it is not used to the style, this weakness will not be a problem for you.

Laptop gamers, who deserves the nickname carried by ASUS. Almost all ASUS laptops are equipped with a video card. In addition, almost all games recommend ASUS. But this laptop has slow performance. If it is used to open a similar weight program Corel and PhotoShop. It is not suitable for an office employee.

All of the above is based on my opinion of me. Do not mean to discredit a particular product. All depends on you.

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