Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What deficiencies of SSD (Solid State Drive)?

The presence of SSD (Solid State Drive) is expected to soon replace the hard disk storage media, which is still used by the majority of home users.

Big companies like Google, Dropbox, Amazon and Facebook have started using SSD, to replace the hard drive on the server gradually, and their data centers.

Of the many advantages of SSD (Solid State Drive), SSD have a deficiency. SSD deficiencies are:
1. Flash-based SSD has a life cycle of a read / write, so it is expected, will be shorter than the old hard drive.
2. Price is more expensive than hard drives, in the same capacity. Wealth 500GB SSD is currently $ 500. With the money $ 300, can be hard with a capacity of 5 times greater, 3TB.

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