Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tips so that the computer is not running slow

Tips so that the computer is not running slow
Computer running very slow, very slow when processing data. Slow computer make you upset.

There are many factors that affect the performance of the computer, so the computer becomes slow. Such as, interruption of computer hardware, computer virus disorders, problems of computer operating systems, software incompatibilities. and so forth.

Few tips for those who have computers, especially desktop computers, so computers are not running slow.

1. Make sure the computer hardware has been installed as intended. Do not use a computer that has a lower specification for heavy gaming.
2. Adjust the calculation of a maximum of computer hardware installed on the motherboard. So that the computer runs fine.
3. Always clean the computer hardware of the dust.
4. Use the appropriate operating system with your computer hardware.
5. Scan the operating system to check for errors.
6. Scan your computer operating system from viruses, spyware, and adware.
7. Set the visual effect of a computer operating system to its best permorma.
8. Uninstall unused applications.
9. Do not run the application automatically during system startup.
10. Disable automatic updates.
11. Defragment your hard drive.
12. Disable unnecessary services.
13. Clean up the desktop of the file or program that is not necessary.
14. Clean up temporary files.
15. Run disk cleanup wizard
16. Run checkdisk tools.
17. Reinstall the computer operating system, and computer applications.

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