Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meaning of "i" in Apple products

Why Apple products use the letters "i" in front of each product? Suppose the iPad, iPhone and iMac. You must have wondered what that means?

When Apple launched the iMac, the founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, said, "It is a pleasure marriage internet, and the simplicity of the Macintosh".

Thus, the "i" represents the Internet, and "Mac" represent the Macintosh. Internet is the word most often thought to represent the "i". However, the internet is not the only meaning of "i", which referred to Jobs.

Besides the Internet, "i" also means an individual, refer to the nature of personal computers. Instruction, the computer is also intended for educational purposes, as well as information and inspiration.

Since its launch in 1998 iMac, Apple started to create some similar design, other consumer products using the "i", including iPod, iPhone and iPad now.

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