Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intel Xeon Phi, a processor with 50 cores

Intel Xeon Phi, a processor with 50 cores
According to the sites Top 500, Intel is the processor that is used by more than 300 super computers. Intel continued development of super processors, Knight Corner, which is now renamed to Xeon Phi, which has 50 cores in each chip.

According to Intel, Xeon Phi's presence will bring the world to jump super computer exascale performance, or 1000 petaflops, or a thousand calculations per second.

Current home computer, using at most 8 core processor. Compare with Phi Xeon chip, using 50 core in one chip.

At Phi Xeon processors, Intel uses Ivybridge basis, with 22 nanometer manufacturing process technology with 3D tri-gate transistors. Combined with ManyIntergratedCores system (MIC), which allows Intel to enter a lot of core, into the Phi Xeon.

Intel claims, Phi Xeon processor is very efficient and capable of producing the performance of 4 to 5 gigaflops per watt.

Intel Xeon Phi will be marketed in late 2012.

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