Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Overclock VGA graphics card

How to Overclock the computer hardware VGA graphics card, there are two ways to overclock the graphics card. First by way of regulation and changes directly to the BIOS. The second way to use software to overclock.

It will now be explained how to overclock graphics cards computer hardware with software. Using a software overclock, Gigabyte Gamer HUB.
1. Download the free software Gigabyte Gamer HUB (search on Google).
2. Install software on your computer that will overclock the graphics card.
3. Run the software Gamer HUB.
4. Gigabyte Gamer HUB application view shown in the figure below:

- GPU: Clock your graphic card
- Shared: Clock your graphic card rendering capabilities.
- Memory: The capacity of the graphics card.

5. Slide the scrollbar on the third line settings. Sliding slowly.
6. In the above example of the application software, used computer hardware NVIDIA 9500GT graphics card, overclock the maximum is:
- GPU: 500-715 MHz
- Shared: 1600-1715 MHz
- Memory: 400-470 Mhz

Memory on the computer are very sensitive to overclocking. Do not be too extreme to raise the clock.

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