Monday, June 25, 2012

How to fix a printer cartridge

Canon printer cartridges that have been refilled, often have problems. So that the printer often encounter an error. If you intend to buy a new cartridge, we will feel the waste, when we very often print the file, until in very much. Sure is a big waste if any ink in the cartridge runs out, we buy and replace with a new cartridge.

Problem this time, I'll fix the printer cartridge Canon iP-1880. Problems that occur due to, too many to print a document at a time, until the document is printed over 100 sheets.

Needs to know, not all problems, similar to what I discussed this time.

How to fix a printer cartridge Canon iP-1880 series:

Measures to improve the printer cartridge, penyelsaian problems with the hardware:
- If the printer has not in use, to be repaired again, take the printer cartridge from the printer. Soak the cartridge in warm water. Soak only the spray of ink at the end of the course, not the copper connectors on the side of the cartridge. With the goal of all the ink that has dried can be peeled off. Soak for 15 minutes. Then, pat dry with paper towels.
- Refill cartridge with ink.
- Replace the cartridge into the printer.
- Turn on the printer.
- Before using the printer, do the "Deep Cleaning" through "Printing Preferences" on the system.
- The printer is ready for use.
- If the print is still not good, do it "Deep Cleaning" continues to repeat until the printer prints better.

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