Friday, June 29, 2012

How to clean an LCD monitor

Computer hardware, the LCD monitor, it is very important for computer users. Whether it's the LCD monitor on the tv, desktop computers, notebooks, LCD monitors and mobile devices. All the same, have the same function, namely as the output media, to convey information to the user's computer, the results of data processing on computers. If there is no LCD, then the computer user will not get the needed information from the devices they use.

LCD monitor in order to maintain the condition remains good, very necessary. Sometimes, keeping and caring for LCD monitors is often overlooked by users. Like, cleanliness menjada LCD. LCD is clean, it will certainly give a good view of the results to users.

Then, how to treat and clean the LCD monitor to keep it nice and good if it is used? There are many ways you can do to treat and clean the LCD monitor. This time I will give you how to care for and clean the LCD monitor.

- Place the LCD monitor in a clean place. Keep away from dust.
- Keep away from objects that could harm the LCD. As they may fall and hit the LCD.
- Avoid exposure to sunlight LCD. Because it can damage the liquid in the LCD panel.
- Keep away from hot areas.
- Do not touch the LCD panel, let alone hit with a hard, using your hands. LCD screens get dirty and greasy.
- Do not point to a picture on an LCD with a pen, or other objects. Use a designated hand pointing, but not to the LCD. LCD screen can be scratched.
- Do not wash the LCD panel with a cloth, paper, other rough objects. Because it can scratch the LCD screen.
- Do not clean the LCD with soap.
- Clean the LCD with a dry tissue.
- Use special LCD cleaning fluid, which are sold in stores, with a relatively cheap price.
- Buy a special LCD cleaning cloth, for LCD routine maintenance.
- Clean the LCD once a week using a special LCD cleaner.

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