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How to choose a computer case

How to choose a computer case
We will assemble a computer, of course we want to buy all the appropriate requirements. Particularly in choosing a computer case. Choosing a computer case is a case should not be taken lightly.

Often we think, what is the best case for my computer to be a raft?, Bagamaimana determine casing for my computer?, Casing type should I use?. And many more questions will arise.

These will be presented to choose the computer case.

1. The need for computer power supply
Usually the computer case, power supply included in the sales package casing. Pay attention to the amount of power from the power supply. Is 250watt, 280watt, 300watt. Adjust to your needs. If your computer has the potential to be upgraded more frequently with many components. It is recommended to use more power.

2. The size of computer case
Adjust as needed. Large casing would be better for you, because of the casing allows you to add many components. But its shortcomings, the casing of consuming too much space.

3. Thickness of the casing material
Note the thickness of the casing material. Getting thicker, the better. Thickness of the computer case, with regard to the strength and robustness of the computer. So that the components inside the computer will be well protected.

4. The installation of additional cooling fan
Consider the installation of additional cooling fan on the chassis. Recommended a minimum of two additional cooling fan. Because, if the components are very much attached to the computer, the possibility of adding a cooling fan to be added, to keep your computer cool.

5. Consider the system of air in the casing fentilasi
Fentilasi good, will keep the resistance of the components inside the computer.

6. Choose the design of computer case, according to your taste
Design of computer case, will determine the joy and satisfaction you are using a computer.

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