Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to care for the notebook

Notebook, is a computer hardware, which are mobile. Easy to carry anywhere. Notebook is very compact, requiring extra care, so that longer service life, and the body seems nice and durable.

Here are tips and how to care for computer hardware, notebook, so durable and has always worked well, both hardware and software ...

1. Do not equate a notebook with desktop computers, notebook should not be used for hours, like using a desktop computer. Usage of desktop computers designed for long hours, but the notebook is designed to work that is mobile. If there is a desktop computer, then use desktop computers for office work.

2. To be durable notebook, make sure the notebook is always in safe conditions of excess heat. Good air flow in the notebook are things that must be met for use of the notebook. Notebook is very susceptible to heat. Do not use the notebook on a bed, to a place that has a soft surface. Because the soft surface blocks the flow of air to the notebook.

3. Always use a notebook bag when carrying the notebook on the go. Better to use a design notebook bag thick. Be sure to avoid heavy pressure.

4. To be durable laptop battery, notebook during long usage, and the condition of stable electricity, better unplug the notebook power of electricity. Do not let your notebook batteries completely discharged. Make sure the notebook is turned off immediately when the condition of the battery will run out. It is better to charge the notebook in unused condition.

5. Use the official software, and antivirus always updated.

6. Take good care notebook CD master, if lost, would be difficult for you to find notebook driver, if the notebook repaired.

7. Do not put the notebook on the floor, so as not to step on. If placed on the floor, the notebook will be quickly soiled by the dust.

8. Do not place any objects between the keyboard and screen. It can be scratched beriko notebook screen, while the notebook is closed.

9. Do not put food or drinks around the notebook, the notebook can be dangerous because if the food and drinks are spilled and the notebook.

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