Sunday, June 3, 2012

The first Apple Computer, Steve Jobs made ​​sold for U.S. $ 180000

The first computer from Apple, made in 1976, the Apple 1, was made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are now sold.

Apple's current triumph begins with a simple computer manually assembled by the company's founder, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Even though it looks very old, the number of computers are all made of 200, now only 6 units are still able to function. One of them, computers are auctioned.

Apple 1, was originally created at the request of a store called the Byte Shop. And became the first commercial product made ​​by Apple.

Created in 1976, Apple 1, has the technical specifications are very far from current computers. Apple uses a MOS 6502 processor speed is only 1 MHz, and RAM of 4 Kb.

According to estimates, the price of Apple's first computer, if auctioned, the price could reach U.S. $ 180000.

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