Monday, June 4, 2012

DDR4 RAM will be coming soon

DDR4 memory, the successor to DDR3, which is part of computer hardware, will be coming soon. Computer hardware is a successor of DDR3.

Computer hardware DDR3 RAM, memory is considered as slow and inefficient. So that made ​​DDR4. DDR4 will be expected to use 1.2 volt power, compared to DDR3 which requires a 1.5 volt power. DDR4 memory is designed to process the reading, writing, and the refresh is more efficient than DDR3 memory.

Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council, an organization that sets the standard memory, the standard is expected to complete the final specification for DDR4.

DDR4 will be produced first for use on desktop computers and servers. Only then will appear in its use of computer hardware at Laptops, Tablet PCs and other portable devices.

Micron company reportedly has produced examples of the type of DDR4 memory. This indicates that the RAM is the latest model is most likely already available early next year.

From the news circulated that the company will start producing mass Micron DDR4 at the end of this year, after the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council set the standard memory, and standard finish for the final sfesifikasi DDR4 coming months.

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