Monday, June 18, 2012

AMD FirePro professional W600

AMD FirePro professional W600. New graphics cards from AMD. Able to support the use of high-resolution technology, rich content, and multi-screen.

AMD FirePro graphics cards W600 can support up to six times that of high-resolution display. Also for display using a projector. This graphics card supports the latest series of LCD, or LED HD, and plasma technology. With the use of the card, the display will evolve to form a single image, which is divided into various types of information.

To display the video streams, proper use of this card. Because it is able to create one seamless image.

AMD FirePro graphics cards W600, equipped PowerTune technology, to optimize the power consumption during operation. AMD FirePro W600 also uses ZeroCore Power technology, which provides low power consumption while in idle position.

Not yet known what the price of this graphics card.

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