Friday, May 18, 2012

Technology that will be left in the foreseeable future

Avram Piltch said 15 equipment and technology concepts that are still used today in America, but will not be used again in the future.

To fifteen of these technologies are:
1. Home-based internet cable, along with the development of broadband communications services.
2. Photo and vidio camera, due to the outbreak of the camera feature on your mobile phone (smartphone).
3. Wired telephone network, after the mobile phone network increases.
4. Computer with a long boot time, as more and more fast-access computer.
5. Windowless computer operating system, after Microsoft develop Windows 8 with box user interface features that can be drawn on the screen.
6. Hard drive storage, which will dikanti with solid-based storage.
7. Cinema.
8. Three-dimensional glasses, along with the proliferation of television with the screen quality (high definition) and the three-dimensional sound.
9. Pointing device / mouse, after the discovery of the screen with touch capabilities.
10. Remote control, because the development of control with hand movements and sounds more rapidly.
11. Telephone number, which will be replaced with a chat over the Internet with video capabilities, such as Skype, Google Talk, or Facebook.
12. Prime time on television, after a number of sites providing television shows via the internet (streaming).
13. Facsimile machine, which until now has started to be replaced by email.
14. Optical discs, which will be replaced cloud computing services.
15. Desktop computer, after a number of handheld electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones capable of equivalent desktop computer.

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