Saturday, May 26, 2012

Logitech M600, Without Button Mouse

New mouse, a computer hardware, new mouse from Logitech. Logitech, launched a wireless mouse with a touch surface, Touch Mouse M600.

M600 is the latest mouse from Logitech, the user can move the navigation simply by touching the surface of the mouse, without shifting the mouse.

M600 uses Bluetooth network, so users do not need to bother with cables tangled affairs. To connect a computer mouse with a laptop or simply use the unifying bluetooth receiver can also connect to six other portable devices.

Logitech M600 mouse complement products with Logitech SetPoint software, so users can reset the boundary area click feature.

One of the advantages of the M600 mouse the user can open a web page while browsing, by rubbing the side of the M600 to the left and right without having to press back or forward in making it easier for the user's browser when surfing the internet.

Logitech Mouse M600 is already on the market and priced at about 69.99 U.S. dollars. In the sales package already contained a receiver and two batteries.

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