Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ivy Bridge, third generation processor from Intel

Computer hardware from Intel, which is a data processing computer hardware, better known by the computer processor, powerful graphics processors embedded in the Core-i third generation, which is popularly called Ivy Bridge.

Family of processors from Ivy Bridge, there are HD4000 and HD2500 graphics processors, which Intel has claimed speeds of up to two times higher than the previous generation. Intel also said that the Core's integrated graphics processor-i third generation was sufficient to play complex 3D games though.

Not just play the game. Intel integrated graphics acceleration also has the ability QuickSync, which can speed up certain tasks, such as video encoding.

Intel is not the only manufacturers that provide the processor with a powerful integrated graphics processors. Its rival, AMD, also has equipped CPU with integrated graphics Radeon homemade is touted to have higher speed than its competitors. Namely, the A-Series processors APU (accelerated processing unit, a combination of CPU and graphics processor) coded name of the Trinity is predicted to be opposite to Ivy Bridge series processors from Intel, AMD's main rival in the microprocessor industry.

Now do not have a dedicated graphics card to play a sophisticated game, because there are now integrated with the Intel card. On-board graphics cards are usually weaker than a separate graphics card.

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