Thursday, January 19, 2012


The main printed circuit board in a computer that carries the system buses. The motherboard is the main component of a computer. For here all the components are placed. Starting from proseror, memory, hard drive, and the other mounted on the motherboard. The motherboard connects all the components, which dubutuhkan by an a computer, to run In the same way it should. It is equipped with sockets to which all processors, memory modules, plug-in cards, daughterboards, or peripheral devices are connected.

Quality motherboard also determine the performance of a computer. The better the quality, then the computer will work better. Because if bad quality, the motherboard will not be able to connect a computer support computer functions.

There are a lot size of the motherboard. Of a small size, up to a size large. Depending on the needs of a computer. Usually the computer to the needs of the office, using only a small motherboard in assembling a computer. But if the computer is used for a complete multimedia needs, usually large-sized motherboard. Little big of a motherboard is determined by the amount of availability of additional ports, such as the number of PCI slots, the number of USB ports, multimedia and so on.

There are primarily two types of motherboards, AT motherboard, and ATX motherboard. AT motherboards are older, and not commonly used now a days. The AT and ATX motherboards differ in the form factor. Full AT is 12" wide x 13.8" deep, and Baby AT is 8.57" wide x 13.04" deep. Full-ATX is 12" wide x 9.6" deep and Mini-ATX is 11.2" wide x 8.2" deep. Other major differences include power supply connector, and keyboard connector. AT has 5-pin large keyboard connector, where as ATX has 6-pin mini connector. Similarly, AT has single row two connectors +/-5V, and +/-12V, whereas ATX motherboard has double row single connector providing +/-5V, +/-12V, and +3.3V.

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